A Stance

Stand with feet more than hip distance apart, feet parallel, shifting weight to sense the inside and outside of your feet. Your legs form the letter A. Sink by moving your hips behind you with knees soft and relaxed. Exhale to sink, inhale to rise. Seek comfort as you find your body’s way.

A Stance will be our personal focus for the coming week. Invite the five sensations (mobility, agility, flexibility, stability, and strength) to be your guide as you play with A Stance. Journal or blog about your finding your body’s way to move A Stance. I must confess, of all the stances, this is my favorite, so I am looking forward to the coming week.

Last week we were playing with Open Stance, one of the six stances of Nia. I invited Open Stance to tag along with me through my normal routine of work, dance, and play, and I had some interesting revelations. For me the most interesting revelation is that it feels unnatural for me to keep my toes parallel! I found that if I was being mindful as I played with Open Stance I could look down at my toes and find them facing forward. If I just found myself standing in Open Stance and looked down, my toes were always turned out and away from my midline. With these two postures, I found that sinking and rising felt quite different. While neither caused discomfort, standing with my toes facing forward felt new to my body. Slowing down and working with just one movement at a time is affording me the opportunity to have an increased awareness of my body and the way that I naturally stand and move.

Over the last week I have enjoyed the increased ability to sink and rise that I experienced with Open Stance. What a difference it makes to have your feet hip distance apart! I found myself body pulsing in a strange little freedance with my feet firmly rooted in Open Stance several times throughout the week. I hope that you too enjoyed your time with Open Stance.

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