Sumo (Riding) Stance

Stand with knees slightly bent, hips soft, and feet apart as though riding a horse. Align the three body weights, pelvis, chest, and head and keep your feet parallel. Letting comfort be your guide, sink and rise to find your body’s ideal Sumo Stance making tiny adjustments as needed.

It is week 4 of the 52 week challenge, and the focus for this week is Sumo Stance. Invite Sumo Stance into your daily routine this week and use the five sensations of Nia to renew your relationship with this move. At the end of your week, journal or blog or report on any insights or experiences you have with Sumo Stance. Remember to play and have fun!

Last week we were working with my dear friend A Stance. I love A Stance. I always feel so powerful when I am in A Stance. The wider foundation allows me to feel a great sense of stability and gives me the freedom to play with my upper body. My body feels agile and ready to move or even take on the world. My soft joints feel mobile and free. In my head I hear Debbie saying “Your feet are your foundation”, and in A Stance, that statement resonates with me. Yes, my feet are my foundation, and I feel strong.

For one of my classes last week the focus was the five sensations. It was really fun to marry my personal focus of A Stance with the focus for class. Earlier in the day, Betsy, a fellow blue belt teacher and Nia dancer extraordinaire (and a 52 week challenger), shared that she awoke to Opal in her mind and body, so as I prepared for class, I knew we would be dancing to Opal. It had been bouncing around in my mind all week too, and Betsy’s words were just enough to push me over the Opal edge. Even if you don’t teach Nia, you can enjoy Opal at home and play with the five sensations and each of the stances we have been focusing on. I highly recommend it; I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed playing with this routine as much as I did last week.

Once again this week I noticed that those pesky toes of mine were pointing all ways but parallel. I have had pain in my hips for years now, and I am wondering if the pain occurs because of the way I stand with my toes pointing out or if I stand this way because my hips hurt. I had no revelations this week about my hips, but I have been working on bringing my toes in to a parallel position to see if I notice any differences. Time will tell!

Finally, I will be ending this post with a shout out to my favorite Nia dancer and student. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful, Nia-loving partner who has been playing with me and supporting me through the 52 week challenge. It has been fun to share insights with each other, and it has helped me maintain my focus. Micah, I am glad that you love Nia and that you love A Stance too. As always, thank you for playing with me.

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