Bow Stance

Bow Stance: Stand in place, with your feet hip width apart, in Open Stance, then step back onto the ball of one foot, as if that leg were a bow drawing back. Maintain your balance by keeping both knees slightly bent and your back heel high. This move builds powerful agility. As you step back onto the ball of your foot, land and stick, powerfully sounding the vowel u. Return to Open Stance and repeat on the other side. Alternate sides. The Nia Technique, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas

It is week five of the 52 week challenge, and this week we will be playing with Bow Stance. Using the five sensations (strength, agility, stability, flexibility, mobility) and the three planes of movement and intensity levels, play with bow stance. Note any insights you gain from incorporating this movement into your daily routine. Have fun!

Last week our focus was Sumo or Riding Stance. Let me be the first to say that people will give you funny looks in the grocery store if you are standing in line in Sumo Stance. Explaining what you are up to does not help. Despite a little embarrassment, I enjoyed my week with Sumo Stance. For me, this move is powerful. I immediately feel stability and strength in my base. I want to play with blocks, punches, and strikes powering these movements from below. As I sink and rise through the planes, I notice mobility in my spine and hips. There are so many great Nia songs that incorporate this move, and this week I really enjoyed dancing to Sufani and Tell Me You Want Me.

Slowing down to play individually with each of the 52 moves has given me greater insight into my body’s way of moving. Spending a week with each move makes me consider my movement choices not only in class but also in my life. As I incorporate each movement so far into my daily routine, I am more mindful and aware of my other movement choices starting with my base (which has been our focus for the last four weeks) and continuing up through my crown.

Other insights gained this week are that my toes, again, love to face out and my knees love to sing to me. At my blue belt training, Debbie alerted me to my foot position several times when I was in Sumo Stance. All week-long I have been playing with sinking and rising with my toes parallel and with my toes facing out (as they seem to prefer). Perhaps one of these days I will look down and find that my toes are exactly where I expect them to be–facing forward!

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge how thankful I am to have Nia in my life. It has changed my life in so many ways, and I am very grateful. When I dance, I feel graceful and powerful and supported by a wonderful community of inspiring people. As I dance in class and through my life this week, I will be dancing my gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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