Cat Stance

Cat Stance:

Stand in place, with one leg raised, balancing on your whole foot. Keep the joints, ankle, knee, and hip, of the supporting leg soft and spring loaded as if you were getting ready to pounce. Alternate between legs and let your eyes look in the direction of your raised leg.

It is week six of the 52 week challenge, and this week we will be playing with Cat Stance, our final stance. Incorporate Cat Stance into your regular routine this week and move through the three planes and intensity levels (engage those arms!). See how many of the five sensations (agility, mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength) you can sense in your body as you focus on Cat Stance. Blog or journal or share any insights you have about your experience with Cat Stance. You are playing, so remember to have fun this week.

Last week was all about Bow Stance at my house; I did laundry in Bow Stance, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner in Bow Stance, I even cleaned the bathroom in Bow Stance. If I happened to drop something, it was no problem-Bow Stance was there to help me sink to the floor to retrieve the item and help me rise with said item in hand with what I can only imagine appeared to be stability and grace to an outside observer. Bow Stance, I just love you.

I observed this week that the sensations of stability, mobility, and agility were often with me in Bow Stance. I had to work to sense flexibility and strength. My knees gently reminded me to be mindful of my foot placement, and my hips reminded me that they like to be soft when I do this move. I felt a sense of accomplishment that I listened to these messages. I often find myself in a hurry, and slowing down and listening to my body is not always something that I do. Over the course of the last five weeks, I have discovered that as I focus on a movement I have a very different in-class experience with that move. This week as I led “Sexi” I was much more mindful of all of the occurrences of Bow Stance in this routine, and I was fully present to Bow Stance as I danced.

In addition to my love of Nia, I love to cross-country ski. Bow Stance is one of many  crossover skill between Nia and skiing, so this week as I played I kept thinking of gliding through the snow on my skis with parallel feet and one heel back and raised. I loved the feeling of agility that I sensed in my body, and I am hoping that will carry through to my next ski trip. I shall be dancing through life on my next winter outing.


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