Rock Around the Clock

Rock Around the Clock:

Standing in open stance, roll around the outside edges of your feet shifting your weight from side to back to opposite side to front. Use your arms for balance and to engage the whole body. With mobile hips and soft knees, play with shifting weight from side to side and front to back. Keeping your eyes forward will help keep your three body weights, pelvis, chest, and head, in alignment.

It is week seven of my 52 week challenge, and this week we will be playing with Rock Around the Clock. This particular move is the reason that I decided to spend more time with each of the 52 moves; I have found it very difficult to find pleasure in this movement. So, with pleasure as my goal, I will be incorporating this move into my daily routine. I will be playing with the five sensations, strength, mobility, stability, agility, and flexibility, this week as I move through the three planes (high, middle, and low) and the intensity levels. Report back at the end of the week or journal about your experiences with Rock Around the Clock.

Last week our focus was Cat Stance, and I have to say that I adore Cat Stance. One of the benefits that I noticed soon after I found Nia was my increased ability to balance and the sensation of stability. As I stood in Cat Stance over the last week, I remembered the first time that I was able to stand balanced on one leg to put on my socks or shave my legs in my tiny bathroom without having to hold on to the wall. I thought about all of the ways that the increased stability has positively impacted the other things I enjoy doing from skiing to riding my bike and things I don’t enjoy but must do (like getting dressed!). I thought about all of the times that I started cool down with Cat Stance, and how I loved hearing my students and fellow dancers talk about how much their balance had improved.  I love Cat Stance because it allowed me to notice the way that the practice of Nia was and has changed my body, so playing with Cat Stance was just a joyful experience.


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