Squish Walk

Begin in Open Stance with feet hip-width apart and rise to the balls of your feet. With soft knees and hips, slowly bring one heel down as though you were squishing an orange under your heel. Alternate between your feet as you rise and sink into Squish Walk. Rise to the balls of your foot by pressing down, engaging your ankles, and sink your heel slowly back to the earth. Keeping your eyes forward, use your arms to engage the entire body.

It is week nine of the 52 week challenge, and our focus for the week will be Squish Walk. The goal is to incorporate this move into your daily routine over the next week. Using principle number seven from our white belt training, we will explore the three planes of movement (high, middle, and low) and the three intensity levels as we play with Squish Walk. Invite the five sensations of fitness, stability, flexibility, agility, mobility, and strength along on your journey. At the end of your week, journal or blog or report back on your experiences.

So, I was very tempted to take the upcoming week off from the challenge because I anticipate that there will be many distractions as I travel home and spend a week with my family. Thankfully, I have a friend that I imagine Helen Terry would be proud of; this friend gently reminded me that the goal of the challenge is to incorporate the movements into daily life and this week is really not any different from any other week. Thanks for keeping me on track and honest Brenda! So, no matter how crazy the holidays might be for everyone, I invite you to bring Squish Walk along on your journey.

Last week our focus was Duck Walk. My mother would tell you that I have been practicing this movement my entire life. It seems that whenever I was called to the front of any room or audience as a child, I would duck walk all the way. Somehow this embarrassed my mom. Little did she know that this would prove a positive thing in my future. If I had to categorize where I am with Duck Walk, I would say that I am crouching.

Over the last week I found that you can do a modified Duck Walk at your desk, while sewing and ironing, and as you stand in lines at the post office. It isn’t even the strangest thing you will see someone doing in the post office. You may become an object of interest to the children who are standing in line too, but you might also inspire a few to try it if it looks like you are having fun. I had a lot of fun with Duck Walk this last week.

I observed that prolonged periods of Duck Walk make my shins talk to me about fatigue. I enjoyed the return of the sensation of stability that I sought the previous week with Rock Around the Clock, and I had such a fun time varying the speed of my Duck Walk. I find that it is very hard for me to keep a quiet upper body when I play with this move. My core and my arms always want to play too. As it increased my joy, I let them play often. I am thankful that I have curtains, and I am guessing my neighbors are as well. It got a little rowdy here.

Happy Solstice to all! I can’t wait to hear about your week with Duck Walk.

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