Heel Lead

Heel Lead: Step forward or diagonally allowing the heel of your foot to strike the ground first. Allow your weight to roll through your heel, ball, and then toes. Engage your hips by wagging your imaginary tail. Engage the upper body by moving your arms. Let your arms hang and move naturally.

It is week 10 of our 52 week challenge, and our focus for the upcoming week is Heel Lead. Our challenge this week will be to incorporate Heel Lead into our daily routine and play with the three intensity levels and three planes of movement. Invite the five sensations of fitness, agility, mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength to be your guides as you Heel Lead throughout the week. This week I will be paying extra attention to the way that I walk as I play with Heel Lead.

Last week we were playing with Squish Walk, and it is one of my favorite base moves. I love sensing the weight shift from side to side as I slowly lower one heel and raise the other. When I played with this move last week, I felt agile; I sensed mobility in my spine and hip joints. My soft knees enabled me to sense stability in my base. My ankles feel strong and happy.

I started the last week with a long car ride, and I am happy to tell you that Squish Walk can easily be modified so that you may enjoy it in the car. As I wrapped presents and watched movies, I squished. I Squish Walked quickly and slowly. Even though it has been a delightfully crazy week, I was able to keep on task. Yay!

Squish Walk always makes me think of cross-country skiing, and although I did not get out on my skis over the last week, I imagined myself gliding over the snow as I raised first one heel and then the other. This is one of the 52 moves that I believe has had a big impact on my balance, and when I ski, I notice it. I hope that your week with Squish Walk was fun as well!

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