Ball of the Foot

Ball of the Foot: Step back on to the ball of the foot, pushing down to rise up. Keep your toes and feet relaxed as you alternate between right and left sides. Play with your free leg and challenge your balance. Keep your heel off the floor and think of the space you are creating under your heel. Ball of the foot can improve posture and help increase mobility in your ankles.

Ball of the Foot was our move for the last week. If you are keeping track, that was week twelve of the 52 week challenge. Our goal was to incorporate this move into our daily routine and gather insights about the way that our bodies move and what is comfortable for our bodies. As we played with the three levels of intensity and three planes of movement, high, medium, and low, we allowed sensation to be our guide.

THUD! That was the sound of me falling off the blogging wagon. I had a ski trip last weekend, and like the procrastinator that I am, I kept putting off my blog post for Ball of the Foot. Somehow the entire week went by without a blog post even though I had plenty of time this week. We had snow, and in the Northwest, that means you spend a lot of time at home. I have been housebound since Tuesday, and yet I found all kinds of other things to do besides visit my blog. Despite the rather tardy blog post, I did play with Ball of the Foot all week. Here is what I discovered:

I really like this move. I used it to move around my apartment all week. I would step back on to the ball of my foot and with my other foot I would heel lead to move from room to room. It is a strange little shuffle, but it was rather effective. I used this move to amuse myself as I stood in line to use the public restroom on my way home from skiing, and I think that the other women in line with me thought I was more than a little strange. I have stopped trying to explain what I am doing and just lose myself in the move. I am becoming skilled at tuning out the rest of the world as the weeks fly by.

I like to feel myself grow taller and sense my spine elongating as I step onto the ball of my foot and feather up. I like to sense the strength of my ankle, knee and hip joints as they work together to take my weight. As my arms and my free leg explored flexibility and mobility, Ball of the Foot kept me grounded to the earth with each step increasing my sense of stability and strength. 

Typically, I start each blog post with a description of the move of the week along with a restatement of our challenge. I then report on my experiences with the move we played with the week before. Because I skipped my blog post from last week, I never wrote about my experiences with Whole Foot. I will keep this short because I don’t enjoy a long blog post, but I feel compelled to report about Whole Foot. 

Whole foot allowed me to really play with the sensations of stability and agility. I found myself moving or hopping from foot to foot as I went about my daily routine. Because it was my personal focus for the week, I noticed every time Whole Foot appeared in a Nia routine. I taught Sexi and Aya that week, so I had a lot of opportunities to play with Whole Foot. After playing with the move all week, I felt like all of my movements were full of agility and stability. On my skis, not so much. I guess I need to keep up the agility and stability work.

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