Toes In, Out, Parallel

Toes In, Out, Parallel:

In this move, you point your toes in different directions. First, place your feet parallel to each other. Then, turn them in, as if you are “pigeon-toed”; then turn them out or away from each other. Practice walking, pointing your toes in each direction. Imagine your feet as windshield wipers and firmly sound in, out, parallel to increase your mindfulness. This move improves hip mobility and stability, which in turn improves power, speed, and reflex responses of the legs. (from The Nia Technique, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

Wow, it is week fourteen of my 52 week challenge, and our move this week is Toes In, Out, Parallel. The goal is to incorporate this move into your daily routine over the next week. Using principle number seven from our white belt training, we will explore the three planes of movement (high, middle, and low) and the three intensity levels as we play with Toes In, Out, Parallel. Let comfort and the five sensations of fitness, stability, flexibility, agility, mobility, and strength be your guides on your journey. At the end of your week, journal or blog or report back on your experiences.

Over the last week I have been playing with Relevé and it has been a lot of fun for me. I find that this move is very useful in my day-to-day life. I am not a very tall person, so this week as I cooked (which I love to do), I would roll through my foot from the heel to the ball to reach all of those dishes that are just beyond my normal reach. When I needed those mixing bowls off the top shelf, I just rolled on up and grabbed them. I felt both tall and powerful as I rose up and away from the earth. My ankles felt fluid and strong, and my spine felt long. I felt tall. As I relevéd through the week, I also noticed that I mostly felt graceful. I was (and am!) dancing through life.

Of course, my week was not completely filled with graceful moves. There were plenty of times that I would lock out my knee, and then I would stumble. When I kept my knee soft, I always felt like I had a little more control. It also helped me to use my arms as though they were wings spreading out behind me with my head and chest lifted. Finding stability was not always easy this week, but when I slowed down and mindfully rolled up onto the ball of my foot, stability was right there waiting for me.


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