Stepping Back onto the Ball of the Foot

Standing in Open Stance, step back directly onto the ball of one foot, keeping your heel high. Practice walking around the room, stopping and stepping back, and then rising onto the ball of your foot. Keep your head, chest, and pelvis upright, and imagine that the ball of your foot is your whole foot. Sound the word onto to improve balance. Alternate sides. (From The Nia Technique, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

Wow, week 15 of the 52 week challenge already. This week we will be playing with Stepping Back onto the Ball of the Foot. We will incorporate this movement into our daily routines and play with high, middle, and low planes of movement as well as the five sensations of fitness, agility, stability, strength, flexibility, and mobility. At the end of your week you can report back on your experiences or journal about your findings. Have fun!

Last week we were playing with Toes In, Out, Parallel, and my hips were singing to me. I have some strange issues with my hips that cause them to be stiff and make a lot of noise. They frequently pop, and for the last few weeks, I have had the feeling that things were not quite right with my right hip socket. So, I was nervous about this movement being my focus for an entire week. I didn’t want to overdo it. My mantra for the week was easy does it. I kept my low plane a little higher than normal, and I was mindful of turning my toes in and out at the thigh bone in a very gentle way.

With the sensations of strength and mobility in mind, I paraded around my apartment with toes in, out and parallel all week. I am very happy to report that my hips, although not healed completely, feel better already. I think that the gentle turning in and out and parallel has been a good exercise for me and quite possibly, just what my body needed. As I gently walked with my toes in and then out, I paid extra attention to comfort and often readjusted my feet to accomodate my hips. When I danced in class, I noted opportunities for turning my toes in or out or coming back to a parallel position. When my body was warmed up, I had wider range of motion with this movement than I did when I was just going about my life.

I hope that your week with Toes In, Out, Parallel was full of fun and helped you gain insights into your body’s way of moving. Nia is a great practice for self healing, and this week I was reminded of that.


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