Sink and Pivot Table Wipe

Sink and Pivot Table Wipe: Standing in “A” Stance make a quarter turn to the right, bending at the knees and sinking slightly, and picking up your left foot and pivoting your left thigh as you place the ball of your left foot on the ground. At the same time, use your left hand to wipe off an imaginary table, moving your hand from behind you to the front. Alternate sides. Sound the word whoosh to integrate upper and lower body. (From The Nia Technique Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

It is the 16th week of my 52 week challenge, and the move that we will be working with this week is Sink and Pivot Table Wipe. The goal for the week is to incorporate this move into our daily routines. We will use the three planes of movement, high, middle, and low, and the three levels of intensity to gain insight into our relationship with this move. Allowing sensation to be our guide, we will seek comfort as we play with agility, mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength. At the end of the week report back on your experiences with this movement or journal about your experiences. Have fun!

Last week we were playing with Stepping Back onto the Ball of the Foot. I have always loved this move when it comes up in class. As a student, I was always excited when my teachers chose a song that allowed the students to play with this move, especially because it often included repetition (like stepping back three or six times before a cha-cha-cha). I can’t really explain why I found and still find that so fun and exciting, but I did and I do.

Despite my love and excitement for this move, I had some challenges this week. I find this move very easy to play with in the high and middle planes of movement. Playing with this move in the lower plane doesn’t seem as natural or as fun to me. In fact, it felt a little bit like work to remember to include the low plane. Every time I stepped back, I wanted to “bubble up” my spine and grow taller with each step. I wanted to let my arms rise with each count in my head (one, two, all the way to six). So, I had to be vigilant this week on sending my foot back a little further, sinking a little more, and playing in my low plane.

Because I love this move and any song that contains this move, I encountered another challenge that I had not anticipated; breaking away from routine! I have become used to doing this move with specific hand movements or in a specific way when it comes up in a routine. That is all fine and dandy when I first teach a song or routine, but it isn’t stretching me as a dancer or as a teacher. I had planned on changing things up in class when this move came up, and before I knew it, I was back to my pattern and routine. Nothing new here. Carlos, one of the co-creators of Nia, once said to observe our movement patterns without judgement, so this week I am choosing to do just that and see this as an opportunity for growth.

So, it is time leave the three and six counts behind and to move on to Sink and Pivot Table Wipe. Enjoy!

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