Cross Front

Cross Front: Starting in Open Stance, imagine a mid-line that runs directly between your feet. Heel Lead diagonally to cross this mid-line as you step towards the corner. Keep the feet, knees, and hips pointing in the same direction that you are travelling. Use your eyes to look in the direction that you are stepping to keep the whole body aligned. Alternate sides.

It is week 17 of the 52 week challenge, and our focus this week is Cross Front-YAY! If you are joining me, incorporate this move into your daily routine playing with high, middle, and low planes of movement and energy levels (learn the move, move the move, and energize the move). Allow sensation to be your guide as you seek comfort with this move. Have fun!

Last week our focus was Sink and Pivot Table Wipe, and I will just start out post by saying that we have a lot of clean imaginary tables at our house this week. Many a high, middle, and low counter have been cleared as I imagined using my arms to topple items from their perches. And because they were imaginary, I did not have to clean up when I was done with what I will call therapeutic table wipes. Got road blocks or messes? Not anymore. Just sink and pivot and use that arm to wipe away distractions, messes, annoyances, unfinished projects and the like. Feeling powerful? Yes!

When I was at my blue belt training, it was pointed out to me that my form for Sink and Pivot Table Wipe could use some work. I spent some time this week moving mindfully, slowly, and methodically from one side to the other carefully placing my feet. Slowing down a move always helps me. Sometimes when I am feeling excited and the music is pounding, my desire is to energize the move. Sadly, speed is not to be confused with mastery. By incorporating this move into my daily routine where music is often absent and the cats are giving me that “she IS crazy” look, I am able to keep the movement smaller and cleaner and focus more on sensation and comfort. Is my Sink and Pivot Table Wipe perfect yet? Most certainly I can say it is not, but I am respecting my body’s way…and I am having fun.

I had the opportunity to visit Nia HQ and lovely Studio Nia on Friday, and I was so excited. I love the opportunity to be a student and just dance. I was extra excited for the impromptu visit because I knew that at least two of my blue belt sisters were at the 52 moves training. I did get to briefly visit with them, but we did not get to dance together. Oh sadness! I did, however, have the opportunity to dance with another blue belt sister who was not attending the training and with some other folks that I know and love. It was wonderful, and the class was amazing! Fun Fridays rock! I am always inspired by my fellow dancers whenever I step onto the dance floor, but there is something magical about Studio Nia. Go, dance, be happy!

And finally, let us review:

Closed Stance, Open Stance, A Stance, Sumo Stance, Bow Stance, Cat Stance, Rock Around the Clock, Duck Walk, Squish Walk, Heel Lead, Whole Foot, Ball of the Foot, Relevé, Toes In, Out, Parallel, Stepping Back onto the Ball of the Foot, Sink and Pivot Table Wipe, and now, Cross Front.

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