Knee Sweep

Knee Sweep: Bring one of your knees up and across your body and, with your opposite hand, push your knee and sweep it out to the side, as if you were stepping over a big box. Then lower your foot to the ground. Walk around the room, pretending to step over boxes of different heights. Keep the knee of your supporting leg spring loaded. To maintain dynamic ease, sound sweeep! Alternate sides. Benefits: Practicing Knee Sweep improves stability and agility in the hip joint and will help you develop power in your whole body. (From The Nia Technique Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

It is the 27th week of my 52 week challenge, and the move this week is Knee Sweep. This is the final base movement, and next week we will start to explore the core of our bodies. Join me this week as we play with Knee Sweep and report back at the end of the week about your experiences. Incorporate this move into your daily routine, and allow yourself to play with the three planes of movement (high, middle, and low) as well as the three intensity levels. Let the five sensations of fitness, stability, mobility, flexibility, agility, and strength guide your exploration. Seek pleasure in this movement as you dance through life this week.

Last week I played with Back Kick. I know I have said it before, but I will say it again. I love kicks! Back Kicks are always fun for me because I love the feeling of using my upper body as a counterweight for my kicking leg. I feel a little bit like a super hero getting ready to fly when I do this move. This week, with my imaginary cape in tow, I played throughout my little apartment. If I plan to keep this up, I will have to get a bigger kitchen. No one should have to choose between an oven door and a Back Kick.

My hips played nicely with me this week, and I enjoyed looking over my shoulder at my extended foot. I appreciated my supporting leg for allowing me the opportunity to explore my range of motion and providing a stable base to power my movement. With such a fun and vigorous move, how could the week have been anything but fun?

As I dive into this week with Knee Sweep, I am a little sad to leave my kicks behind. I know that they will come out to play frequently though, and I do adore Knee Sweep. The hardest part of this challenge is to move forward when you are having so much fun playing and exploring. Hard life, right?

I am looking forward to a long weekend to work on a new routine. See you next week!

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