Pelvic Circles

Pelvic Circles: Stand in “A” Stance and circle your hips in a fluid motion, as if you were playing with a hula hoop. Sense the motion of the ball of your hip joints rotating in their sockets. Circle in both directions to maintain relaxed mobility, and sound ahhh! Alternate directions. Benefits: Practicing Pelvic Circles strengthens your back and Core, so that all upright locomotion is dynamic and free. This move will help bring up energy from your lower chakras and will strengthen your abdominal muscles. (From The Nia Technique Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

It is week 28 of my 52 week challenge, and the move for the week is Pelvic Circles. This week I will incorporate Pelvic Circles into my daily routine. I will play with my high, middle, and low planes of movement, and I will play with high, middle, and low intensity levels. Using the five sensations of fitness as my guides, agility, mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength, I will seek pleasure as I play with Pelvic Circles. At the end of my week, I will journal or blog about my experiences. You are invited to join me!

Last week was the final week of base moves, and this week we have successfully moved on to the first of the seven moves that are specific to our core. I am excited that it is already week 28, and it feels like a milestone to move from the base to the core. I will try not to injure myself as I pat my own back for keeping the challenge going. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fun and a great learning experience.

I am a little sad to say goodbye to Knee Sweep. I really enjoy this move, and I find I always have a smile on my face when this move comes up in class. Perhaps because I watched way too many movies in the ’80’s (thank you Mom and Dad for the satellite tv), I kept hearing a line from the Karate Kid in my mind saying “Sweep the knee, Johnny” as I raised my knee up and pushed it away with the opposite arm. Although the Nia move of Knee Sweep has nothing in common with the film, this phrase was my constant companion for the last seven days. It is probably a good thing that I am moving on to Pelvic Circles this week. Who knows what kind of crazy association might pop into my pretty little head next?

I have really enjoyed bringing my personal focus of a specific move to my classes. This week I learned that I like to keep my Knee Sweeps small when the music is fast. I realized that my soft, spring-loaded knee on my supporting leg deserves more credit than I typically give it. When I slow the move down, it is my supporting leg that allows me to sweep the knee and stay upright. My ankle on my supporting leg also seems to play a much more important role than I had previously realized, and this week my ankles were whispering to me about being gentle.

Just because it is fun, let us review. So far we have played with: six stances, Closed, Open, A, Sumo, Cat, and Bow; eight foot techniques: Heel Lead, Ball of Foot, Whole Foot, Relevé, Rock Around the Clock, Squish Walk, Duck Walk, Toes In/Out/Parallel; nine steps: Sink and Pivot Table Wipe, Stepping Back onto the Ball of the Foot, Cross Front, Cross Behind, Traveling in Directions, Lateral Traveling, Cha-Cha-Cha, Fast Clock, and Slow Clock; and 4 kicks: Front Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick, and Knee Sweep. These are the 27 moves of the base. This week we begin our journey to the core of our bodies with Pelvic Circles. Enjoy!

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