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Undulation: Standing in Open Stance, undulate, or wave, your spine–from top to bottom and then bottom to top. Imagine that your spine is a third arm. As you do the move, sense the spaces between your vertebrae. This mental focus … Continue reading

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Shimmy: Vibrate and shake your shoulders, standing upright or moving front and back, as if you are shaking water off. Relaxing your lower jaw, so that the neck and shoulder girdle muscles naturally relax, will allow your arms to hang … Continue reading

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Chest Isolations

Chest Isolations: Gently move your rib cage in all directions, placing your hands and arms in space so that you isolate and move only the rib cage. Move it to the front, back, and sides. Open it, twist it, extend … Continue reading

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Hip Bumps

Hip Bumps: Bump your hips in varying directions, front, back, and each side, as if you were bumping someone out of the way. Sound ooo. Focus on rhythmic precision, and stop the bump before it tugs uncomfortably. Alternate directions. Benefits: Practicing … Continue reading

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