Hip Bumps

Hip Bumps: Bump your hips in varying directions, front, back, and each side, as if you were bumping someone out of the way. Sound ooo. Focus on rhythmic precision, and stop the bump before it tugs uncomfortably. Alternate directions. Benefits: Practicing Hip Bumps keeps your upper body agile and connected to your lower body. This move will tone your Core, define your waist, and increase mobility along your spine. (From The Nia Technique Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

It is week 29 of my 52 week challenge, and the move this week is Hip Bumps. The goal for the week is to incorporate this move into our daily routines. We will use the three planes of movement, high, middle, and low, and the three levels of intensity to gain insight into our relationship with this move. Allowing sensation to be our guide, we will seek comfort as we play with agility, mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength. At the end of the week report back on your experiences with this movement or journal about your experiences. Have fun!

So it is week 29, and I must admit that this challenge has lasted about 29 weeks longer than most things I attempt to do. I am a serious procrastinator and a dreamer, so I often don’t even get started on all of the projects I think up. This week I am allowing myself to feel a little proud that I even started a 52 week challenge, and I am feeling really excited that I am almost at 30 weeks. I attribute my success so far to the fact that I love Nia so much, and I feel like I get so much out of the practice. One of the many gifts in my life that I attribute to Nia is the gift of focus. Yay for focus! Double yay for finding something that makes me happy enough to keep working toward a goal after 29 weeks.

Last week my focus was Hip Circles, and what I found is that again it is all about keeping soft knees. I didn’t have any earth-shattering insights, but I did find that when my knees were soft they were happy. I was also able to stay in control of my balance. Even though Hip Circles is the first move for the core of the body I re-realized how important a strong base is for all moves in Nia. The base becomes the foundation that allows for free movement in the core and upper extremities. Those soft knees in A Stance let me enjoy free and smooth movement in my hips all week long. I was never a very accomplished hula-hooper as a child, but I had a blast this last week playing with my imaginary hula-hoop. I might not be able to float a hula-hoop for long, but my Hip Circles felt pretty amazing.

As we move on to Hip Bumps I am already imagining all of the things I am going to bump out of my way in the coming week. Have fun and don’t forget to play!

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1 Response to Hip Bumps

  1. Micah Prange says:

    You need to get some real hula-hoops for your dancers!

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