Chest Isolations

Chest Isolations: Gently move your rib cage in all directions, placing your hands and arms in space so that you isolate and move only the rib cage. Move it to the front, back, and sides. Open it, twist it, extend it, slide it, and circle it. Focus on rhythmic and fluid movements in all directions. Sound ahhh! in a very relaxed way. This move will build the muscles of your Core and will help you improve your posture. Benefits: Practicing Chest Isolations keeps your spine flexible and mobile. (From The Nia Technique Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).

It is week 30 of my 52 week challenge, and this week the move is Chest Isolations. We will use the three planes of movement, high, middle, and low, and the three levels of intensity to gain insight into our relationship with this move. Allowing sensation to be our guide, we will seek comfort as we play with agility, mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength. At the end of the week report back on your experiences with this movement or journal about your experiences. Come play with me, and have fun!

So last week we played with Hip Bumps, and I spent countless hours at my desk bumping to one side and then the other. I hip bumped through the grocery store, around the house, while playing pinochle, and of course, in class. I found this a much easier move to quietly incorporate into my daily life than say the Knee Sweep. I believe my hip bumping walk had a little more swagger than my normal walk, but it was an easy move to play with all around town.

What I discovered this week is that doing so many Hip Bumps made my sides a little sore from overuse. It was a good sore though, and I think that it will set me up nicely for a week of Chest Isolations. I enjoyed the idea of bumping obstacles out of my way, and I used the move as an excuse to play with the song Sufani from the routine Canta. I LOVE this song, and I have great memories of dancing it as a student with my lovely teachers in Seattle and with Carlos in Portland. This week in class I carried those people in my heart as I danced and hip bumped to the music. I felt powerful all week.

Shall we review? So far we have played with: Closed Stance, Open Stance, A Stance, Sumo Stance, Bow Stance, Cat Stance, Heel Lead, Whole Foot, Ball of Foot, Relevé, Rock Around the Clock, Squish Walk, Duck Walk, Toes In/Out/Parallel, Sink and Pivot Table Wipe, Stepping Back onto the Ball of the Foot, Cross Front, Cross Behind, Lateral Traveling, Traveling in Directions, Cha-Cha-Cha, Fast Clock, Slow Clock, Front Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick, Knee Sweep, Pelvic Circles, and Hip Bumps. On to Chest Isolations!

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